Comments: Ray Shonholtz: Visionary and Model

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Geoffrey , Dublin   01/11/12
Thank you Ray for the gift you gave us
In May 1986, I invited Ray to come to Ireland for one week to tell us about mediation. He had taken a sabbatical from Community Boards and was delighted to spend the week with the Glencree Centre for Reconciliation in Dublin and other groups in Belfast. Subsequently, he arranged for Joan Broder, Sr Christina (deceased) and myself to come to San Francisco for substantial training with financial support from the Eisenhower Foundation. We came back with huge enthusiasm based on his vision for community mediation....and that's how we got the movement going in Ireland north and south. Without your foresight and gift to us, Ray, it would not have happened. Mediation has changed my life and I know the gift that I have passed on in countless trainings has changed others too, slowly and incrementally.