Comments: Enforcing Agreements Made At Mediation

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Antonio , Austin Tx   07/28/14
we finally done it all, but the plaintiff would not pay up, what can I do?

singh , Calgary Al   03/15/14
Default after mediation aggrement
We went to mediation, now the defender refuse to pay me so I can finalise the probate , What can I do? and how much time it will take further? Thanks

robin , atlanta ga   01/29/14
If I signed agreement and realize it us not in my best interest can I can I revoke that stip how many days do I have to do so

Henry  , Rocky Mount NC   08/11/12
Unable to comply with the settlement agrenent

Leila , Kissimmee fl   04/25/10
Your lawyer knows well what he is doing. He is making sure that this case prolongs for a couple more years, he can then send you a bill each month. Thats the way the lawyers do their business, They takr care of numero 1 one first , you later.

Leila , Kissimmee fl   04/25/10
after medation
we finally done it all, but the plaintiff would not pay up, what can I do?

Leila , Kissimmee fl   04/25/10
after judgement
WE went to mediation, now the plantiffs refuse to pay me so I can finalise the probate , What can I do?

Leila , Kissimmee fl     04/25/10
enforcing mediation

Melissa , Houston TX     01/20/10
Enforcing Agreements Made at Mediation
I'm not sure if my attorney understands the Motion for Enforcement. In reading your article it appears that I would qualify to request this, but he says that since it isn't final, we may need to request Motion for Sanctions. I'm divorcing and the ex husband agreed to vacate property and pay child support by January 1, 2010. He was supposed to sign Special Warranty Deed, but his atty is stating they never received the document. Meanwhile, I managed to save house out of foreclosure, but I am making the payments.

Louis  , Gibsonton fl   08/11/08
divorce mediated agreement
Can a mediated agreement be rendered null and void... example, one of the parties immediately engages in actions the would make it impossible to abide by the terms of the agreement. i.e. one of the terms- week end visits, one per month... however, one month after the agreement is reached, the custodial parent moves/sends the child out of state. now the grandmother is raising child. Custodial parent is a part time parent.

ana , Olympia WA     04/19/04
About agreements
Michael, Thank you for clarifying 'enforcing agreements.... Sometimes the edges get fuzzy when the agreement is complex and emotionally charged. Having simple guidelines, based on legalities, is helpful when a mediator is not a lawyer. Ana

Tracie Burns, Dallas TX     02/06/03
Enforcement in EEOC cases
So how do we enforce if there is no case filed in a court before the mediation? Merrill Lynch agreed, we all signed, now they're saying they want much more confidentiality before they pay. Where do we turn?

john cleary, brisbane     01/29/03
As well as all the procedural things that Michael covers so well there are the process skills. Surely if the problem is explored to all parties' satisfaction and their agreements flow from their own understanding and abilities it is unlikely that agreements will fall over. If they do I invite parties to reconvene immediately. Often the first series of meetings has now flushed out what really needs to be addressed. As a foreigner I offer the observation that if legal systems are too ready to enforce mediated agreements prior to registration the risk is that parties will be too inhibited to use mediation. The mediation process always runs the risk of being