Comments: Mediating Family Disputes in a World with Domestic Violence: How to Devise a Safe and Effective Court-Connected Mediation Program

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A Survivor , Harrisburg PA   04/10/02
After having experienced domestic abuse, a very traumatizing experience, and having to go through a sort of mediation with my abuser to try to reach some resolution, I can attest to the fact that it is an emotionally draining situation to face your abuser on a continual basis and be trapped in in an ongoing power struggle. I believe in our current system it is far too easy for the abusers to utilize and twist the system and come out smelling like roses. I think there should be many audits and revisions in the current process of court mandated mediation and custody evaluations. And special consideration should be made for incidents where domestic abuse has occurred. I also believe that if the court mandates a custody evaluation, then *the court* should have the funds available to pay for it... but that's a different topic entirely.