Comments: A 12 Step Approach to Enhancing Your Alternate Dispute Resolution Practice

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Eddy Chielo, Winter Park FL   09/22/04
The author provides wonderful information on starting an ADR practice. As a student of mediation, I found the links in the article to be very useful. Good work!

Denise Blige, Carson CA     10/27/03
I thank Ms. Jessani for the insightful and clearly written article. As a fairly new mediator trying to elevate to the next level: her 12 Step Approach to Enhancing Your Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice really has helped me focus on some extremely important areas of building my profession. Thanks from the bottom of my heart...

Gary , Cherry Hill NJ     11/22/01
Thanks for your helpful insight based on your experience in starting and building your mediation practice. I am just at the beginning stage of beginning to do the same and feel I've benefited from your thoughts.

Aimee , Atlanta GA   11/13/01
Dear Ms. Jessani, I recently read your article featured on the newsletter, A 12 step Approach to enhancing your ADR Practice and I want to thank you. I enjoyed reading your article and found it to be very useful.

Glenn Pickering, Harrisburg PA     11/13/01
12 Step Approach Very Practical and Appreciated
Thank you, Anju, for writing a great, very practical article for all of us who are struggling to make an ADR practice "work". It is great to hear about the difficulties other ADR professionals have overcome and the steps they are taking to establish their practices. Your example serves as another beacon for a coming generation of ADR professionals.

Kevin Winegardner, Kalispell MT     11/13/01
Mediation Practice
I found Ms. Jessani's article very timely and informative as I am a new mediator just getting started in the field. I appreciate her sharing her experience and knowledge in this area and I look forward to reading more of her articles. Thank you, Anju!

Tom , Newark Valley NY   11/13/01
Comment on Ms. Jessani's
I enjoy MANY of the articles posted on this Site. I found Ms. Jessani's extremely germane, succinct, and clearly articulated and commend her for the effort. I found fundamental value in her words .... and I'm very appreciative.