Comments: Interview with Nina Meierding - Views from the Eye of the Storm

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Lawrence Lacombe, Los Angeles   08/12/12
Nina's work, and the work of the Institute for Dispute Resolution is gradually becoming recognized as they lead the way into a legal and economic environment that grows increasingly uncertain. Today, lawyers, judges and clients are struggling to find ways to do justice. Nina has been there to help for a long time, and we hope she can be there for a long time to come - with skill and with love.

Peter Massucci, Philadelphia PA   08/09/12
I had the great pleasure and good fortune to complete my Mediation and Advanced Mediation training with Nina, at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution. She evoked my passion for mediation, which had been obscured by 30 years as a trial and transactional attorney. Her accomplishments as an innovator in the field, and as an instructor, are clearly ascertainable from the interview. Thanks Nina.

Josephine Reyes, WollongongNSWAustralia   07/10/11
Passionate about Mediation
Am so glad to listen to another person so passionate about Mediation. A Very good role model, mentor, trainer... I will continue to follow her work and dedication.

Dina Haddad, San Jose CA   06/17/11
Truly a forerunner for mediation and one of the best family law mediators we have. Thank you Nina for your continued contribution to this field!