Comments: On Revenge

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María Marta Neumann, Buenos Aires, Argentina     02/16/03
What an article! So realistic that it hurts...the events on September 11th are an open wound to all mankind now, and if we want to remain safe and alive in our planet WE ALL FACE THE SAME CHALLENGE:how to deal with fanatism and terrorism? In 1992 the Embassy of Israel was blown up by terrorists and many people died...later on the same happened with AMIA...Argentina knows what terrorism can do.And the whole world has to reflect upon how to face it.Hope we find a way...

MIchael , Ann Arbor Mi   11/02/01
A truly beautiful essay. I've read it twice and I will read it again.

Gabrielle Panckhurst, Dunedin, Ne     09/26/01
I also urge you to read Professor Lederach's essay, which offers a paradigm shift, and the possiblity of negotiation with the causes of terror.

Hanan Isaacs, Princeton NJ     09/25/01
RE: When You're Done Venting
Gentlemen: When you are done venting, I strongly urge you to read Professor Lederbach's essay on constructive ways to lessen the risks of terrorism on this increasingly small and fragile planet.