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Janet E. Mitchell, Fort Wayne IN     11/19/04
Network of Eldercare Mediators?
Dear Eldercare Mediator: Are you interested in forming a formal or informal network of Eldercare Mediators? If so, please respond to this email, noting your preference: 1. Informal Network: Share information about Eldercare Mediation books, articles, training seminars, contracts to mediate, evaluations, and "peace stories" by email. 2. Formal Network: The above, plus perhaps have a Web listing of Eldercare Mediators and a Website. Also, if there is a good response, we will need a volunteer to coordinate this Eldercare Mediator Network. Interested? Please forward this email to others who provide Eldercare Mediation. Thanks! Cordially, Janet E. Mitchell, J.D., Eldercare Mediator Family and Civil Mediator, and Mediation Trainer, Midwest Mediation Training Center