Comments: Mediation As A Spiritual Practice

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Rose Everett-Martin, Butte MT     03/14/11
Mediation As A Spiritual Practice
My first 2 40 hour mediation trainings were through Christian Legal Sociey. Those who want to stay out of court, or not have someone else make decisions concerning their problems, surely benefit from mediators who look at issues from a spiritual perspective. From a biblical premises man should not go to law against each other in most instances, and there are those who are able to help people review such matters. As a Christ Follower, I realize that I am not in control.

Phil  Reedy, Shasta County CA     03/05/11
Thank you David and Richard for such a rich description of a way of practicing mediation and living. The phrase: "withstand the heat by removing their protective armor" captures so much in relation to one's role as a mediator (also as a friend, lover, parent or partner in any life venture). Your citations in the article and suggested reading list are equally rich and abundant. The wisdom held in your essay, combined with these sources, would make a great cornerstone to any university graduate program in mediation, psychology, philosophy, law, medicene or business.

Mary , Topanga Ca   02/02/11
Dear David and Richard ~ thank you for speaking from your hearts and sharing the experience of your engagement as mediators. While I too am a trained mediator and meditator, I also practice law for a living. I find it is the engagement as you describe which can make our work our spiritual practice, whether we are mediating or helping another with their livelihood. Mediation, like meditation, is in one way a view we take everywhere we go. When solving conflicts in mediation, the fire is hot and it fuels the openness we need to move others, to shift their view. But I also believe we can practice this way in everything we do. Thank you for this great article and reading list! ~Mary

Nancy Fleming, Orleans MA     01/26/11
Thanks for your lovely article. This is a prayer from A Course In Miracles that I use before mediations. It helps me let go of my need to reach an agreement. "I am here only to be truly helpful. I am here to represent He/She who sent me. I don't have to worry about what to say or what to do because He/She who sent me will direct me. I am content to be where ever He/She wishes, knowing He/She goes there with me. I will be healed as I let Him/Her teach me to heal." ACIM Nancy