Comments: Mediators Need To Be Aware Of Online Scams

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David , Stamford CT   03/29/11
You say non-disclosure of banking information is a no-brainer. Maybe I have "no-brain" but what are you referring to? How would providing someone with the routing and account information to facilitate a wire transfer in any way jeopardize your account? For the most part that information is available on your check. My guess is you are referencing something else. In fact the wiring of the alleged recovery funds to your account would have been the only way to be certain the funds were available to redistribute later to your client. In a case such as your example you could have insisted on it. Obviously the result would have been the same but it would have taken a lot of pressure off you. I am not aware of any situation where a wire can be unilaterally withdrawn from your account nor can I imagine any way that a wire deposit can be forged

Caroline , DC   01/17/11
Wouldn't you just require use of an escrow agent as a matter of course? In Georgia, that would be a state or national bank.

Jim Hildreth, Sonora CA     01/15/11
Great information and a good read, thanks for sharing.

Robert , Hamilton ON     01/13/11
Good comments. Had this situation a few months back and, I agree, these people are very sophisticated in the way they approach what, in other circumstances, would be appropriate requests for professional help of a mediator. In my case, it was only a slight uneasiness about the purported separation agreement that was to be dealt with that caused me to investigate more carefully. All mediators should take care in a world, where online processes become more and more common.