Comments: Mediators Are Unbalanced

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Frances , Carstairs AB   01/09/11
Wonderful concept! Balance is an unnatural concept, and I like your reference to robots. I prefer to seek being happy with how I am, and to be curious about paradox - inside and out of mediation.

Jim Hildreth, Sonora CA     01/06/11
Mediators Are Unbalanced

Sally , El Prado NM   01/05/11
And really, ISN'T that person in front of you the most important person in the world at that moment??!!

Patty McIntosh, Sharon VT   01/05/11
Thank you for this article -- very well said! This is a basic component of any competent facilitative mediation -- the quality of omnipartiality on the part of the mediator. You are so right -- it is not our job to be "objective" or "balanced." That is a fiction imposed on the mediation profession by those who have come to it by way of Law School, not with any intent to do harm, but simply out of a lack of awareness that there is another way -- a better way -- to approach things. ~ Patty McIntosh, MS Mediation, Champlain College