Comments: Obama As “Negotiator In Chief”: A Help Or Hindrance For Professional Conflict Managers?

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Vivian , Snohomish WA   01/19/11
Practice what we preach
Thank you for sharing the responses to previous posts. I think as mediators we owe it to ourselves and those around us to reign it in a little, if you know what I mean. Sure, have an opinion and take a stand but be mindful and thoughtful about the way you express that perspective. For a follower of to take the time to write such mean-spirited comments as those you shared disappoints me. With that said, I'll move back to the positive and simply say, keep up the good work, sir!

J.M.    01/11/11
I can't believe this is one of's featured articles. I stopped reading at "...the sleazy work of negotiators in general and politicians in particular." Do we really need a mediator to add fuel to the fire?

Kent Lawrence, Chicago IL   01/05/11
Give me a break...
I am not necessarily in agreement with the President as to many of his policies or objectives. The writer rather summarily blows off the results of the lame duck session (“Notwithstanding the last minute accomplishments…”) which actually seem pretty impressive. I submit, however, that the writer exaggerates the effect HE could have -- due to his superior training and deft negotiating abilities –- were he in the President’s place. Could it be that the writer is making a complaint that the President is failing to “get as much” as the writer wishes he would of what is the writer’s personal political agenda?