Comments: What's a Conflict?

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Danny Rolland, Boulder CO   11/30/10
misinterpretation of confict
This article was a major eye opener for me, because I never actually thought of conflict from the perspective that its only a conflict if personal issues become detrimental in the work force for you and others involved. Personal problems are easy to deal with, and even when individuals have rifts, there are many ways to work around it and avoid conficts!

Steve , Denver CO   09/10/08
This was very helpful in differentiating between a conflict and a personal complaint. It made it easy to understand what the root conflict in many different situations was. It's not the petty surface level stuff in most cases. The root conflict is driven from personal needs and expectations and how they relate to others needs and expectations.

Menya  , apple valley ca     08/31/01
The first chapter along is full of useful info!!
I teach conflict resolutions to at-risk adolescents and after reading the first chapter of your book I have realized that it is a book that I must have. I am so looking forward to reading and learning from the entire book!!