Comments: Stand-Up Comedy:Lessons For Mediators

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Syed , Kuala Lumpur   07/07/08
Thank you for this piece. I have just today stumbled upon it while researching for information on Drafting Construction Contracts (in Plain english) for my address at the forthcoming CIDB's International Conference on Modernising Construction Contracts on July 22nd and July 24th 2008 in Kuala Lumpu and Penang respectively. Your piece would have been included in my text of the address where I closed the 4th Asia-Pacific Mediation Forum International Conference held on July 16th to 18th 2008 at the IIUM Malaysia. Still the points of view are useful and Congrats !

anne , Calgary   02/03/02
Cheers Project, Calgary
Hi there, you are so right. I had my 7 minutes claim to fame last June with 10 other Mediators. I too have mediated many cases both with Alberta Justice and the Energy Resources Board. We had so much fun during those 8 weeks of practicing and totally stepped out of our comfort zones. I too forgot two funny lines, but still had a blast. I do become very involved with my mediated cases and now each time I mediate, I will rememeber your words, often humour is a life saver in Mediations. When 300 hundred people are actually laughing at your jokes etc. it is the biggest high, the same high I get when I am successful in Mediation.Its all about making someone else or others feel good just for a few moments. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I recommend to all my Mediator friends to take this class.