Comments: Building a Successful Mediation Practice

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Joe , Chicago il   09/05/13
These people are doing a really good job which can help us a lot in keeping the physicality well because when it comes to physical wellness mediation has a different value which is awesome.

Joe , Chicago il   09/05/13
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Carol , Philomath,Boulder,Eugene OR   05/13/13
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Kristina Haymes, NJ   07/17/07
making it work
Great article Jim. Some things have changed over the past (9?) years since you first wrote this. But targeting your marketing and selecting niches has not. Jim has not only built his own successful practice but also (for which we are all grateful!). For more information check out my Mediation Marketing Tips blog at Keep up the good work.

Leo , Solebury Pa     06/25/04
Putting the concepts into practice
I had the benefit of listening to Jim at an ADR seminar in NJ as well as reading his article. He demonstrated how he has put many of the marketing concepts, including his own personal and intense effort, into practice at and the results are a very successful site. What I like about his success is that each success in educating the public and marketing mediation grows the field and creates better opportunities for the increasing number of professionals in this area. Competition is good. It takes time and effort to market, but one good mediation case earned through marketing can cover the cost. Jim provides a number of very practical tips on the road to success.

Alicia , Lacey WA   12/30/02
Kudos for the Mediation Practice
I was an arbitrator and mediator for a San Francisco City agency for a number of years before leaving to become a college administrator and instructor in Washington State. I find that I really miss law and mediation. Without a bar license in this state, mediation calls me again. I have explored many of the requirements for this state--exactly as I later read to do in your article--and I am looking for the inspiration to go forward. Your article was complete and very well thought-out. I appreciate the specific approach suggestions and the timeline tips. It's nice of you to share. Thanks so much! Alicia

Dan , Dublin GA   05/07/01
Article: "Building a Successful Mediation Practice"
Thanks for speaking directly to some personal/professional interests. I am working on referral with a court-annexed program--divorce, civil cases in magistrate court and warrant applications. I want to expand into private and more profitable work. I am looking into going to human resource managers for employee-management matters and to agency management for agency-consumer issues. The article was of considerable interest.

Mike , Lexington KY   01/24/01
I enjoyed your article and found it informative. I completed training and was certified by the AAM last summer. I have recieved a few referrals from judges, sent out letters to attorneys, but needed some more direction in developing my practice. Thanks, Mike T.