Comments: “I’m Sorry You’re Such A Crybaby” Isn’t Really An Apology

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Sandy Bacharach, Portland OR   10/13/10
This is a terrific article. I really enjoyed the way you broke down the characteristics of a successful, authentic apology. Thank you!

Bredstix , Blacksburg VA   09/30/10
I agree with Saphronia
Saphronia, your comment is right on the mark...and the reason so many apologies fall flat. I don't even encourage apologies, because too often, they're used as a cop-out, and the other person isn't satisfied...even if they have been demanding an apology all along.

Katherine Gallo, Foster City CA     08/25/10
Great Article!!
An apology can go a long way in resolving a dispute or at relieving much of the hostility in the litigation. Insincerity and sarcasim just fuels the fire.

Saphronia , Auburn WA   08/24/10
Proper Apologies
I enjoyed this, so thank you! Usually politicians and movie stars headline with the pseudo-apologies, but I have to admit I've made a few. I would add a requirement of acknowledging the impact the wrong action made on the other person, and a simple inquiry as to how one should make amends, rather than assuming that the best "fix" is already known.