Comments: Cognitive Dissonance: A Spiritual Perspective

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Geri , Wichita Falls TX   07/26/03
Interesting and familiar topic. Plainly put, when one receives conflicting data, one has to do something with it--to reduce the internal mental/emotional conflict. Also, folks will use defense mechanisms: rationalization, blaming, projecting, denying, etc. to alleviate the cogitive dissonance (CD)--these mechanism can become troublesome in medation....because CD is blocked. In addition, "selective perception" kicks in, which is folks selectively tuning out any info. that conflicts with their personal core beliefs or attitudes. Thus, selective perception filters out information that could cause cognitive dissonance--so, one party may not be conflicted or motivated to mediate, at all. Other pressures/desires such as preserving relationships may mitigate. Finally, from a spiritual perspective, G-d's word tells us what to do in conflict. Also, we have the Holy Spirit to guide us in our personal decision making...both in substantive and affective issues. The Word can reduce our CD if one is inclined to consult it. Enjoyed the read. G. Klein