Comments: Reconciliation: Moving Past Divorce

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Morris , Stewart   09/06/10
Oh Larry Larry Larry you silly boy

Larry , Modesto ca   07/28/10
Wouldn't it be easier to just stay married?

Joe , Clinton Mi   07/28/10
true True
Thank you for pointing that out and being the brains. Isnt it normal human behavior when the spouse has a large sum of money from family inheritances and BUYS the children?Gosh darn lets see? its been 19 years since my divorce and i haven't heard from either of my two sons or spent more then 15 minutes with each as they avoid and duct me like the plague. Now i wonder what changed there mind from me being there best friend to not even a distant memory. who ever has the most $ is Right and wins !! Paper, Rock scissors!!!

Tee Phillips, Sydney NS   07/27/10
How fantastic.It's so simple yet we don't realise these thoughts that would take us years to discover... Thanku thanku