Comments: The Peacemaking Option For Divorce And Dissolution Of Domestic Partnerships: How Family Scientists Support Interest Based Conciliation And What This Means For Separating Couples

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Elaine Silver, Lake Mary FL     08/18/10
Great article! Here in Florida where mediation is mandated by statute in all divorces we have a community of mediators who are working to educate the public about the availability of pro-se or self-represented mediation outside the courthouse with private mediators.

Larry , Modesto ca   07/28/10
The problem with court-ordered family mediation in California is that in most counties it is actually arbitration because the "mediator" makes a "recommendation" to the court if the couple does not reach agreement and the judge rubber stamps the "recommendation." That is not mediation by any definition; it is arbitration.

Evan Ash, Olathe KS     07/28/10
I was disappointed by some of the conclusions Thurmond reached about the nature of court-related mediation. To say it does not address the emotional and other personal aspects of the parents is very narrow. I wonder what his real-life reference for this is? I welcome him to observe our mediation practice and see just how much those elements are essential parts of helping parents find durable, real life co-parenting answers. Perhaps non-attorney mediators have the edge to accomplish exactly what he describes...