Comments: Learning To Forgive In Divorce

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LaShon , Hamilton oh   08/28/10
Great Insight on Anger & Forgiveness
Anger & Forgiveness -two of the stages of the recovery process. Thanks for giving good insight into the stages. People are always looking for the power and control during a divorce and the very thing they think is bringing them power/control is actually taking it from them. They regain their power/control when they let go and Move On! LaShon author of Moving On! Living Life to the Fullest After Divorce

Bart  , Bedford TX     07/14/10
So Helpful., Thought Provoking
As one whose spouse has just filed for divorce, there are few words to express how timely the article has already been. My children will suffer enough because of this decision we have made. Choosing to remain angry and act like the children 95% of divorced couples choose to act like post-divorce will serve no one and only increase the likelihood our childrens' scars will be deep and long, long lasting. Thank you for challenging me to see the big picture.

Elizabeth Perry, Esq., Los Angeles CA   07/13/10
Well said!
Well said and researched; thank you--I will provide this to my own family law clients.