Comments: ADA Mediation Guidelines

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Jan  , Santa Rosa Ca   06/02/09
504 and ADA
I am a parent with disabilities who is being manipulated by a school district and my daughter is being punitively treated because they resent me. Where so I find help to deal with the district and get them to focus on my daughters needs and to stop harming her? I am on SSDi.

Judy Cohen     05/11/01
Disability Access in Florida
Try contacting your local DBTAC (Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center, sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Education) for guidance. 800-949-4232

robert  , miami fl   05/01/01
registering with you as a consultant for ada especially inspections
our business is in the s. florida area and we have recently come upon several sloppy handicap stall wheelchair emblem s constructed in the most negligent way. handicap parking stalls withe two&three wheelchair emblems all over the parking stalls at various k-marts & miami sub restaurant. we would like to contract and report these stiff fine violations across the state of florida beginning with s. florida to doj ada asap. thanks