Comments: “The Elephant In The Room”

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Joshua , Kaysville UT   06/01/10
Great Insight
I see a lot of people trying to exclude others from the mediation process. It certainly doesn't start things off on a good foot to make an introduction followed by the other side's request that the support person leave, especially when it would probably be better to engage that person from the beginning as suggested. Great insight that many might find counter-intuitive.

Doug  Murphy, Brisbane, Australia Q     06/01/10
Elephants in the room
Estate disputes breed the most elephants that I have seen. In fact, today, I think I shall probably wear my pith helment and take an elephant gun. Seriously, though, it is simply a matter of drafting ( as in cattle ) and telling them that their support is important but that they need to stay out of it as much as possible.

Geoff Sharp, Wellington, NZ     06/01/10
Jeff, this is an overlooked issue that presents itself more and more in the mediation room - many thanks for the guidance