Comments: How Mediation Can Help Same Gender Relationships

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Tina  Hastings, Decatur GA     05/31/03
developing a practice serving the gay community
I tried for several years to expose the gay community to the benefits of mediated settlements in the event of "divorce". I offerred seminars, spoke to gay groups, gay parent group., PFLAG groups, advertised in gay press, networked and took special training in gay divorce mediation. I totaled about 4 mediations in my area all of which rated my skills very high.All of this was about five years ago. I had to find work which yielded a living wage and sadly gave up mediation totally. Unable to forget how much I enjoyed and how strongly I believed in the process, I am now beginning to investigate what, if any progress has been made in my absence. From what I can tell, there has been little progress both in the efforts of non-attorney mediators to be accepted as skilled and trained practioners (I have over 400 hours of expensive training) Nor has there been progress in introducing the GLTT community in the benefits of this process for their separating relationships. I am willing and anxious to join others willing to work toward these goals. Please contact me. I believe we can make some in-roads.

James  MacPherson, Mosten Mediation Centers, Nationwide   05/04/01
Barry: You have contributed another topical and useful article for couples wishing to be proactive and foreward looking in thier relationships. As one of our Mosten Mediation Centers Mediators, you continue to assist couples in a meaningful way. We look forward to hearing more from you on these important issues. For those who wish to view Barry Simon's profile on our website, simply click: Thank you.