Comments: The Ethics of Ethics

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moreilly , Denver Co   04/18/01
Robert Benjamin's article makes me remember the insightful presentation that was done at last summer's SPIDR conference on Crazy Wisdom. This talk expressed similar ideas, asking us to think about what we reject (values, behaviors) and how we might be able to bring those things back into ourselves and use them while mediating. I'd like to read the articles mentioned in these opening remarks, but I did not see them in the library. Did I miss them, and if not, can they be placed into the library? Thanks.

Hanan , Princeton NJ     04/13/01
Robert Benjamin as "The Ethicist"
I write as President of the NJ Association of Professional Mediators. Professor Benjamin will be doing a workshop at "ADR Day V" here in New Jersey, on June 15, 2001. He will present on topics such as "The Guerilla Mediator", "The Mediator as Trickster", and other fun stuff. Robert Benjamin as "The Ethicist"? I love it. I always wanted to have "A Guerilla in Our Midst". If anyone wants information about NJAPM or ADR Day V, please send me an e-mail and I'll get you what you need to know.