Comments: Me and Joe Lieberman: Fantasy Negotiations and Little Irrationalities

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Tom Paoli, San Francisco CA   12/22/09
Thanks for the revealing and thoughtful take on the negotiations which appear to be leading to a compromise on health insurance reform. I have many of the same feelings on the issue. There are times when a deal is not the best result. This may be one of those times. I'm not sure how I feel about that. But I do think the veil concealing private influence over public policy has been lifted in a very public way in this debate, and it may be that the progress being made is toward public funding of elections rather than health care for all.

gary , Leesburg, fl   12/17/09
Go Bob Go! I'm pissed off too! I recall arguing for the passage of Medicare in 1960 and there were the same "Joe Liebermans" trying to "sock it to us" with the same insurance industry money. (History does repeat itself). The difference is that now, the "belly of the snake", as you put, it is enormous with boomers, and needs to be addressed. Selling out? No, I would call it punishment to the benevolent party for allowing Lieberman to be called a Democrat after he sold out.

Peter  Adler, Keystone CO     12/16/09
Time for you to acknowledge that, deep-down, you cant mediate stuff that pushes your own button. Having actually worked on this stuff, I can also tell you that on the outside its pretty bad but on the inside its worse than you actually imagine. Peter S. Adler, PhD President & CEO The Keystone Center