Comments: Mediating Family Property and Estate Conflicts: Keeping the Peace and Preserving Family Wealth

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john , Ontario ny   05/26/14
Dispute with Heirs
I have an inheritance along with my 4 sisters from my parents estate. The Will states everything is to be split equally. One sister has said she would like to buy the the family home. The house was appraised at $152,000 and the fair market value is $130.000. Now she has offered $100,000 for the house and that is OK with me. The problem i am having is the fact that she wants to take her 1/5 of off of the $100,000 bringing what she wants to pay to $80,000. I live in New York and was wondering if can take her 1/5 off after we have accepted her offer at $100,000. If you might not be able to answer this can you steer me to someone on the internet that could?

Pioneer , singpaore   04/20/14
real estate course
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Laxmi , sinagpore   10/22/13
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jmv , Cornwall ny   03/12/10
Insinutations Accusations
Great overview of complex dynamics; given ingrained family dynamics exist, do you ever work with a partner in the mediation or is all your work done solo

Sandy , Portland OR   02/10/10
terrific examples
Thanks for sharing these case studies. Very helpful!