Comments: European Principles on Family Mediation

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Anne     05/21/06
Family Mediation In Spain
Sandra, I read with interest your concerns, re children in International Schools in Spain , who may have experienced parental separation. I am also concerned of the impact of divorce on children. I dont know if you are are trained mediator or not, but maybe the way forward would be to have some trained mediatrtors at the school. There are also programs fro children who have suffered seperation like "Rainbows" or Teen Between" for teenagers. I am a trained mediator, I also hold professional qualifications in child care and social work, and train new mediators. I lived in Spain for a number of years and speak reasonable Spanish. Funding should be available for the State for a mediation program. Anne

Sandra  , malaga   02/17/06
International Mediation
CHILDREN´S RIGHTS MARBELLA FEBRUARY 2006 I am interested in setting up a charity primarily aimed at concerns for financial support for non Spanish children living in Southern Spain, attending either international or Spanish private schools where, due to family separation, the children´s lives are further traumatised by lack of financial funding coming from the absent parent. There are many cases every year where schools are being informed that a child is having to be removed from the private education system. Presumably the children are either moving to their mother country (often a country totally unknown to the child) or are forced to change to a Spanish speaking state school. In addition these children are suffering other financial hardships with either a forced change of home, lack of basic requirements such as sports, toys, extra curricular activities. children are moved from their friends and known social back ground. Basically a child´s life can be changed over night from total luxury to abject poverty. There is no family mediation, no CSA, and no support. When an absent father is hell bent on not paying for his family and when they are internationally spread about there is no mechanism to enforce any court order. I would like to set up a family mediation centre where discussion can take place to try to achieve immediate financial care for the children. In the case of total lack of payments from the absent father I should like to have the charity offer advise and in some cases financial support to enable the family to continue to function in Spain or at least help with finding the best route for the family´s future. This charity would not be about divorce settlement. It is not about financial division of assets. This is about immediate requirements for the children and about on going support especially when homes are spread across the world. This could also include the rights of children to see their fathers and helping with the transfer of visits, obtaining the right kind of order to help all parties. This is a totally new idea for foreigners living in the Marbella area and so in the first instance I am seeking the help and support of professional bodies this would include lawyers, psychiatrists, accountants etc. Please contact me with your thoughts and ideas on the concept.

Georgios , Nicosia Cy   02/15/05
Which countries of Europe had adopted Recommendation (98)1 on mediation?