Comments: Divorcing Couples Can Save A Lot Of Money With Mediation

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Bob Ballou, Old Greenwich CT     01/16/10
What about Online Dispute Resolution?
Dividing assets between separate parties in a divorce is an inherently difficult process so perhaps these potential costs in time and money should not come as a complete surprise. The obvious and overt emotional conflicts and pains that are present also create an adversarial environment that threatens to distract parties from being objective and expedite the mediation process towards a mutually desirable goal. Your position as a divorce mediator provides an alternative dispute resolution for parties involved in a divorce. However I am curious as to your thoughts and experiences on online dispute resolution. ODR uses the power of an online venue to improve mediation and settlement conditions for all parties involved. By removing emotional threats to resolution processes and speeding negotiations, ODR is an increasingly logical choice to resolve many types of disputes. My company, Cybersettle, is a leader in this arena and specializes in using technology to accelerate the final phase of resolution – negotiating the financial settlement. Our web-based settlement process has already settled more than 200,000 cases. In one instance, our solution saved the Office of the Comptroller of New York City $11.6 million, while dramatically reducing the city's claims case back-log by thousands. We have also been used by thousands of insurance claims professionals and attorneys and professionals such as yourself. Our ODR model provides a resource that can be useful for parties that are deadlocked in divorce mediation. I’m interested in your thoughts. Bob Ballou, CEO Cybersettle, Inc.