Comments: Old Friends, the Internet and Mediation

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Alex Knoll, Columbia MO     10/29/09
Online Mediation
"Mediation intake needs to be as simple as reserving a flight online. Sending information encouraging the other participants to join the discussion should be as easy as copying them with an itinerary. Meetings should be set as if selecting seats." Jim, I enjoyed reading your article. I think you are right about making mediation more accessible. That is exactly what I was thinking when planning and designing We just launched the site this month and are getting more interest everyday. Mediators from all walks of life can sign up and help resolve disputes in real-time using video/audio/text/teleconference capabilities. If you have any questions about MediateMe or would like to talk more about online mediation, let me know. Thank you.

Madeleine Bass, East Greenwich RI   10/29/09
The future
Great observations, Jim, and very timely since this is ODR Week. I teach Introductory Mediation at a law school, and in honor of ODR week, am discussing the many ways that technology is being used in our profession today. My students, much younger and more comfortable with technology than I, are quick to grasp the advantages available through technology. Our profession provides a wonderful opportunity for young mediators to offer their enthusiasm and insights regarding more 'modern' developments, and more experienced mediators to share their interpersonal and human insights in turn, greatly benefitting all parties. It is a great way to 'expand the pie'!

John A.  , Weston MA   10/27/09
Dear Jim: Thanks for the personal and eloquent statement of experiences shared these days by almost anyone who has electricity. Watch a grandchild in Beijing learn to walk on Skype, for example. I want to know what happened in the soccer game, a great reason to return to Stanford. Google OTHSL and see what happens: you meet what I am told is the world's largest amateur soccer league, all made possible by the internet. Keep it up, John