Comments: Elder Mediation Matters: Probate, Guardianship and Family Care-giving

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Ron Felsenstein, Newcastle CA   10/27/09
Sue's Mediation Article
I know from personal experience that mediation could have played an importan role in my paternal family. When my grandparents could no longer care for themselves, there were a lot of unresolved conflicts between the sons: my father and my uncle. They had resources to help but could not figure out how to take care of my grandparents while maintaining harmony in the family.

Lennie Burke, Winter Springs fl     10/27/09
Mediation and guardianship
Sue says it well. As a professional guardian, I've seen bitter disputes that might have gotten at least partial resolution in mediation. While incapacity might be a matter that only a court can determine, what to do about it is a ripe target for mediation. Most people don't realize that the litigants in a contested guardianship have a good argument to make the incapacitated person pay all the costs for the dispute.