Comments: What is Marital Mediation or Mediation To Stay Married?

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James W. Preston, Sr., Washington DC     08/12/09
What is Marital Mediation -- Mediation to Stay Married
This was interesting. I have used the methodology of conflict coaching to help couples move into a safe space, where they can communicate with each other effectively without fault finding, and it has worked very well. When I decided to be certified in life coaching, I wanted to take the skills of both disciplines (coaching & mediation) to help at-risk couples work on unresolved issues (before) they got married or deciding to live together. I recognized this need especially among young couples who lacked real-life experiences and effective problem solving skills to cope with the realities of relationship dynamics. Marriage needs to stop being viewed as a chore and imposition on one's life. The question is how did we ever get to this point.