Comments: Jack Cooley - A Paradox of Quiet Brilliance

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Maxine Aaronson, Dallas TX     07/30/09
A tremendous loss...
I concur. Quiet brillance is indeed a great description. I remember working with him on the Creative Problem Solver's Handbook in 2005. What a great idea that was, and I am proud to have been a (very) small part of that book, which was so typically Jack. In so many ways, the sharing of knowledge that Jack empowered in the mediation community will be a lasting legacy. His kind and gentle presence will be missed.

Kent Lawrence, Chicago IL     07/29/09
Chicago's Loss, Especially...
Jack was one of the few voices for the mediation field back in the '80's in the wilderness of Chicago. Chicago did not seriously get into mediation until this century; except for domestic relations, the rest of Illinois did not until the early '90's and the leadership of Judges Lerner and Agnew. Jack's voice was not only early, but one of the most articulate -- my favorite "title" of his was a DuPage Bar Association article he wrote entitled "Dishonesty in Mediation". All who knew him will miss him not only for the loss to the field, but more so personally as the man he was.

Richard , Park Ridge IL   07/29/09
I will cherish my memory of Jack and his musician friends performing for a meeting of ACR Chicago to reveal the connection between mediation and jazz.

Sam Imperati, Portland OR   07/28/09
Jack Cooley
Robert, Thank you for this fitting tribute to an absolutely wonderful person. I met him several years ago and was instantly taken by his "quiet brilliance." I remember thinking he was a titan of character and accomplishment. Since then, I have read several of his publications and was always very impressed. He made the world a better place.

Maureen  , Malibu CA   07/28/09
Jack Cooley
Quiet brilliance does describe Jack Cooley. A wonderful person, neutral, and scholar; he is deeply and dearly missed.