Comments: Court-Appointed Special Masters: Dispute-Resolvers?

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Tonya Adams, New Haven ct   07/10/03
visitation rights
Thanks so much for developing this web has so much information on special really get right to the point.I wish the state of out and jail dead beat dads thats not paying any child support instead of allowing them to come in court seeking visitation righs.What rights does super moms,With a full time job in and out side the home get?Conn. should review the law on visitation rights so that it can not be abused by unfit parents.if a parent love their child they will support them to the max.and for the record i have a court date for support.thanks! New Haven conn.

Tammy , Wichita KS     03/24/02
case management
I have been involved with a 5 year domestic case with custody and visitation problems. I am going to court in the next week to request case management, which the Judge suggested upon our next appearance. I know very little about this arrangement. I would like to know more regarding local agencies, cost, how it works, and the authority that they have when rules are broken to enforce punishment.(example;jail time or fines)