Comments: A Recent Finding on Oxytocin

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Ken , Santa Monica CA     06/24/09
I just realized, you may not have seen the longer discussion of oxytocin I wrote last year for (Bringing Oxytocin into the Room) that covered research on the topic going back many years, of which this is just the latest result. Ken

Ken Cloke, Santa Monica CA     06/24/09
The research was published in 2009 in the journal of the Society of Biological Psychiatry, but maybe there were advance press accounts. I found it in March. If you would like a copy of the full research study just email me and I will send it on to you. Ken

kayla , Melbourne   06/24/09
Findings not so new
I read of this bonding discovery in literature about marriage and high functioning autism well over a yr ago,is that considered recent.?