Comments: Preparing Mediators For Practice: Mediation Training Or Mediation Education?

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Ryu , Seoul   07/15/09
Hello. I am Chae-Hyoung Ryu. Some time ago I sent you an e-mail, I hope you remember that. I majored in criminal justice in Korea(or South Korea) and now I am on the doctor's course. I have studied the restorative justice with interest. And I am researching the VOM(victim offender mediation) which is a part of the study. Up to now, 52 crime victim support centers are established in 2006 throughout the nation. However the research materials are very insufficient, especially there is no instruction for victim offender mediators who works in Korea, this is the worst thing. So I browsed some data through the google, and fortunately I can get lots of information from your site. This time I am going to write an article about the mediator training program. If you don't mind, could you offer materials about the mediator training program? I know that you have more preceding and systematic programs than I have. So It would be a great help to me. Please do me your favor. Thank-you very much.