Comments: Decreasing Violence Through Conflict Resolution Education In Schools

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Rene  , Buenos Aires, Argentina   05/21/13
great article!
I strongly believe that we need to talk with kids about these topics (violence, sex, difficult conversations). Additionally, I think that conflict resolution skills should be taught in schools as soon as possible. Buenos Aires, Argentina

ann , Hampton va   06/08/12
conflict resolution
What a great article. I think conflict resolution should be a part of every school curiculum nationwide and taught in schools as early as kindergarten. The earlier kids are exposed the less violence will occur.

Kempess , Bronx NY     09/06/10
Conflict resolution teaching to kids
I read this article with keen interest and find it very educational. Thank you very much Jeanne. In reaction to the comment of Deborah, I will please like to get in contact with her ; regarding the work her group was doing on a manual to teach dispute resolution to kids.Iam also a teacher and I will like to apply such skills to my students. Please contact me via

MIGUEL  , MEXICO DF   05/24/04
all readers of this page
In Mexico begins a program in the public schools, to avoid violence, called "Mochila Segura". The mexican have not good experience and yor work help us .

Bonita Para, Richland Wa     06/13/01
Hi Jeanne, I am currently a distance learner at Nova Southeastern University. I am a graduate student in the department of Dispute Resolution and am writing a paper on the subject of your excellent article. Thank you for your expert insight into this complicated subject. Bonita

Deborah , SLC UT   05/09/01
Teaching Youth Conflict Resolution
Dear Ms. Asherman: Thank you for your wonderful article. I will be the recipient of a statewide PTA Development Award, in UT, this coming weekend (5/12/01). We are completing Phase 1 of a pilot program to teach K-6 youth conflict resolution skills at a local elementary school. We will share Phase 1 of the pilot program called "On the MARC" at a resource booth during the PTA statewide convention. I have printed up a copy of your article to use as a resource at the booth. I'll try to let you know how it all goes! Sincerely, Deborah Callister

Karen Wehrle, Punxsutawney PA     03/25/01
Promoting mediation
Dear Jeanne Asherman, Such a great article, I wish I'd written it! I want to learn about mediation and get Americans using it from kindergarten day one throughout life. I thought writing articles like yours would help. I see you're ahead of me. What else can one do?