Comments: Marital Mediation: An Emerging Area Of Practice

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Eric Piety, Torrance CA     07/02/13
Seems there would be legal issues in states like California where therapists must be licensed to provide marriage counseling or family therapy. Certainly an area to be carefully explored.

Catherine , Sharon CT   08/26/09
Is Marital Mediation Safe?
Until each party has been screened, ideally by professionals such as from type program, mediation and counseling are not necessarily safe venues for couples in conflict. Much abuse is not well understood or recognized.,, and are impt sites to see. Women are at greatest risk when leaving, and men threatening to take the children or adversarially divorce are likely in a highly abusive mindset.

Sondra BenNaEim, Santa Ana CA   05/27/09
Marital Mediation
This seems like such an obvious concept, yet one I am sure few of us in mediation have really thought about. I would love to hear more about how professionals, especially lawyers, actually implement this in their practices. Sondra BenNaEim

Nancy Milton, Elk Grove CA     05/27/09
Marital Mediation
I am excited to add this area to my mediation practice. I would be very interested in becoming part of a Marital Mediation group that promotes this area and offers professional development for its members. Please keep me apprised of future developments in this area. Thank you.