Comments: Featured Blogger Interview: Diane Levin At Mediation Channel

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Clayton , Bixby OK     05/16/09
A "newbie" give thanks too...
I'm new to the "vertical" ADR field as I've begun to transfer my education and experience in business to Ombudsman style ADR. Diane has been 'inclusive' with me from day one when I started my blog and my practice; and I feel very much "a kin" to her philosophy, methods and approach in the ADR field. Diane, much appreciated, thank you...

Diane Levin, Boston   05/06/09
Jim, you're the one that thanks is owed to. Not only have you provided over the years the best source for thinking from our field's pioneers and leaders, along with the very latest ADR news and information, but you have also embraced the ethos of blogging and of mediation itself by creating a special home for bloggers on I cannot begin to thank you for everything you do. Best wishes from Boston -- and three cheers for

Jim Melamed, Eugene OR   05/03/09
Thanks for all you do
Diane, Thanks for all you do for the worldwide mediation community! We are all so much better off because of your ongoing creative and heartfelt efforts. Jim Melamed, CEO