Comments: A Practical Bibliography of Books for the Mediation Practitioner

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Paul  , Chicago IL   09/30/09
Any recommendations for the top 10 business mediation books?

Kim , Indialantic FL   03/28/09
We appreciate you sharing your resources and evaluation with us. I'm sure, with my list of things to do, it will be some time before I can get to all of the books on your list. Is there anyway you might categorize them for us? Perhaps identify those that pertain to the business of mediation, or to stradegies in mediation, or the laws and pratices of medition, etc. , or whatever headings into which you personally would group them. This would be most helpful.

RATUL , Guwahati,Assam IN   03/26/09
It will healp me a lot.From your brief biography it appears that you have a lot of experience in the field of Mediation. I am beeing a lawyer ,practicing in India,i hopy you will contribute your resourceful articles in the near future. Thank you. Ratul Goswami,Advocate

Lorraine Schaffer, London UK   03/25/09
I have been teaching graduate courses in Conflict Resolution and Mediation Studies at Birkbeck College in London for several years and so have been compiling and adding to reading lists. Barbara's Brown's is a welcome addition and very comprehensive, so I would like to thank her for sharing this. There is a lot to learn from out there! Lorraine Schaffer

Paula  Young, Grundy VA   03/22/09
I just marked off one item on my to-do list. Thanks for putting this bibliography together and for sharing it with our commuity.