Comments: Sustaining and Nurturing Hope In A Mediation Process

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Fredrike , Amsterdam   02/04/09
Hi Emmy, I was very pleased reading your article on the importance of hope in the mediation process. I myself use the findings of hope theory in my work as a mediator. It is very important that the mediator should be hopeful. Another important finding is that the mediator should be able to install hope in his clients. A good way to do this is to determine with your clients what they would like to have achieved at the end of the mediation (goal formulation, destination in hope theory), which steps they have already taken in the right direction and which further steps they may take (road map in hope theory) and finally motivate them to take action (agency in hope theory). So not only every mediator should be a hope-mediator, but it should be their expertise to install hope in their clients. I find the solution focused way of mediating particularly suitable for creating hope (see my articles on Best, Fredrike Bannink