Comments: Interview With David Lipsky-Part 1

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Thomas Bartels     01/26/01
I especially like your comments about a systems approach to ADR. I'm an active volunteer employee mediator in an employee mediation program for city government employees. The program is now 3 years old. Initially, we had interest in establishing just a mediation program, but now have evolved into doing group interventions and small group facilitations. I agree that the the more options that are provided in an ADR program, the better. While our caseload has waned, I think it interesting that the program evolved to meet the needs expressed by management and employees for its services. What we're finding out is that to provide those services, the program does in fact incur additional costs in training and consultation. My personal goal is that I'd like to see the program evolve to a systems approach, providing a complete ADR program including an ombudsman office, mediation program, facilitations, grievance procedures, and partnership with the unions. Thanks for a very good article.