Comments: The Risks Of Neutrality - Reconsidering The Term And Concept

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Nicola , Basel CH   06/09/04
Ethics and Mediation
Dear Mr Benjamin As an ethicist now studying mediation in Switzerland, and having great problems with the concept of neutrality (in the sense of taking distance from the ethical content regarding the content of a resolution co-created by parties to a mediation), I fully support your use of the term "balanced": fits in well with how I perceive the role of the applied ethicist to be. Thank you Nicola S. MBA, MAE

Judy , Toronto ON   03/11/04
Hi there, i really enjoyed your article as I am doing my masters degree in conflict resolution and am interested in this area as part of my research and thesis. thanks for the insights. Judy

Rose , Sydney   03/23/02
As a law student I found your article on neutrality extremely interesting and useful.

Pearl , Santa Ana CA   02/01/02
Hello Mr. Benjamin! I read your article on the risk of neutrality and really related to it.

Cristal , San Diego CA   11/21/01
Neutrality of Mediators
Hi Mr. Benjamin, I am a second year law student, writing a paper on the mediator's role of neutrality. I enjoyed reading your article "The Risks of Neutrality," and was wondering if you could direct me to any sources that may be helpful in learning more about neutrality. Any help greatly appreciated, Thanks, Cristal