Comments: Congregational Conflict: Preparation For Resolution

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Brent , Owings Mills MD   09/21/08
God Bless You
The article is well written, informative, and insightful. Using Gods' word in the field of mediation is enlightening to those of us who have never contemplated such a feat. It makes perfect since seeing how Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

cindy , Moreno Valley CA     06/30/08
I whole heartedly agree with people praying about their conflicts. I also believe a congregant or anyone should go to the person they have a conflict with. If there is no resolution, then take the matter to another spiritually or fair minded person (possibly a mediator) and together they try to resolve the matter. If that won't resolve the issue, take the next biblical step for Christians or legal approach for others.

Ron , Columbia SC   06/26/08
I applaud everything you say and you have a geat background to touch and agree on all bases. I am an experienced mediator, and a Christian, and of course the vast majority of individuals who are dealing with alternative dispute resolution proclaim to be so in the midst of what is certainly a storm. Many times my experience has been that if a believer prayed about it, their perspective on the matter evolves to a position of spiritual protection from the adversary and standing still to wait on the lord rather than the reality of needed engagement and intellectual reasoning.