Comments: Removing The Masks In Mediation

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Ken , Santa Monica CA   04/18/09
Thank you for your insightful comment Rebecca - you are quite right about the spirit in which these questions are asked. I like to analogize this to the way that three year olds ask embarrassing questions, for example, to people in wheelchairs - they aren't trying to be nice, but are genuinely curious, so no one minds. The deeper the question the greater the risk and the more transformational the outcome if done correctly. Ken

Rébecca , Calgary   04/17/09
Workplace Bullying
The insight from this article has been tremendously helpful to me a number of times now. Definitely asking from a genuine source of curiosity and non-judgement is the critical aspect of successfully using this approach. Excellent article for all mediator's tool box IMHO.

Margaret , Urbana OH   12/15/00
Marvelous insights that ring true from my experience as a trial court mediator. One BIG caution: the mediator must be careful always to project the intent of merely uncovering the parties' own authenticity, lest she be perceived as promoting her own agenda. The danger of comprommising the integrity of the process is ever present and must be guarded against through a reflective and circumspect approach to practice.