Comments: Negotiation Lessons from the Pawnshop

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Ernest , Gatineau   10/06/10
Amazing piece
Loved your article. Every bit of it. I just want to add something to your existing amazing piece. There is nothing wrong in negotiating a lot of people think it is wrong to negotiate but there is nothing wrong in saving extra pounds here and there. Thank you for the great piece. God bless you and your dad.

Karen , Lawrence KS   02/16/09
I love this article. As a student half-way through a Master's program in Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution I find myself coming back to this article to get everything straight in my head! I especially have been helped with the concept of BATNA- thank you!

Melanie , Larkspur CA     08/21/08
My experience
My late mother, Dean of Law School in Southern Africa, started her law dgree when I was already 8 years of age. I believe thats when I effectively started my law career, as I was the lucky beneficiary of the nightly "amo ams amants." Better yet, at this same early age, my mediation skills were inadvertantly developing as I served as the tenuous mediator between an over-achieving mother and a sun-worshiping father. With threats of divorce throghout childhood - I am now a QBE (qualified by experiece) in family law mediation.

Carole Lebental, LCSW, BCD, Torrance CA      05/28/08
Negotion Lessons from the Pawnshop
This article is excellent. It brilliantly illustrates the important concepts of negotiating.

Danny  Pollock, Portage la Prairie MB     05/21/08
Negotiation Lessons From Pawnshop
I found this a fascinating article that I can relate to...I too have a plateful of credentials in City Planning, ADR-Mediation, Arbitration, and Negotiation, and I will be starting Law School in 08, and though I studied Negotiation at the University of Notre Dame, (Exec Certificate in Negotiation), I found that my most valuable lessons in Negotiation also came from my high school educated Father and Retired Pawn Broker lol...