Comments: Integrating The Internet Into Your Mediation Practice

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Kimberly , Newtown PA   11/23/00
Becoming Technology Savy
Your article was very informative and easy to digest. It caused me to rethink my position concerning incorporating more technology in my mediation practice. I found it helpful to consider technology as a way to augment face-to-face mediations and to make the process more efficient and cost effective. Thank you for your contribution.

Lois  , Portland Or     11/17/00
Internet mediation -
Provocative and interesting article, Jim; a little scary, though as you project into the future. Is this just another step in the direction of virtual life, part of the trend of the dimininishment of human affairs and business being conducted in the domain of human contact.

Rod Windle, Hood River OR     11/13/00
Content as King
Great job, Jim. As usual, you're miles ahead of most people and, as usual, I get more from reading your writings than from most others. A comment: Not only is there the timing (asynchrony) change, but until video/audio are much more developed and widely available, there is also the 'stripping away' of the paraverbal and nonverbal aspects of communication which make up so much of the message in face-to-face communication. In its present text-based format, the internet becomes a vehicle for 'rational content as king'. Is this a good thing? I think so, as long as that is what the mediation is really about. Still, we all know that emotion does come through in words (as in the last good book you read..) so maybe cyber- transformative folks can still find empowerment and recognition through e-mail! Does this mean that the best writers are going to be the best cybermediators? It would appear so.