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David Bogan, Auckland NZ     05/19/08
Thank you Alan, it's like hearing that voice in the wilderness about repenting. I have for years recommended that the best training course for mediators is to join a voluntary counselling organisation such as Lifeline where their motto is 'Listening is the least we can do.' It also happens to be the most - because real listening provides the validation of acknowledgement which enables people to move on from that 'stuck' space where they're often glued. It also provides access to the trigger which has caused the dispute in the first place. As a bonus I'll get to read the poem at the Lifeline AGM on Friday to remind ourselves of what we do - so thank you for that also.

mieke , australia ql   05/17/08
thanks for the lovely poem and article, it may need to be compulsory reading for those practitioners doing facilitative mediation! a great reminder, cheers mb