Comments: The Evolution and Future of Mediation: Reconnecting with our Activist Roots

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Debra , Portland,Beaverton OR   05/08/08
The Mediation Community's Openness to Various Styles, Theories, Models, and Approaches to Mediation
I love your article. Thank you. Ironically, I believe our retreat "to old habits" may be inherent in our collective personality traits as mediators. Openness and acceptance are necessary qualities for any mediator. However, under the circumstances you describe, these traits may not be in the best interest of mediation overall. As a community, perhaps we are being too open and accepting when it comes to allowing mediation to be defined so broadly. I do not trust the judicial and legal gatekeepers to "carry the mediation ball" because the mediation ball they carry is so far removed from the mediation ball as I see it. We're on completely different fields, "playing" very different "sports." Would it be damaging to mediation as a whole to require more accurate definitions - such as calling a settlement conference, a settlement conference? Debra Healy