Comments: Of War and Negotiation: Part 3, The Allure of War: If You Want Peace, Study War

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ana , olympia wa   05/04/08
Of War and Negotiation
Excellent article. Thank you. It gives me fruit for thought, or is it nectar for pollination! In any event, your clarity and sequence of thought is appreciated. I especially resinated with your notion to "work with intention" that spoke to my concern about the current (and past) Chinese/Tibetan situation: " engage and finesse the other party toward a workable agreement and management of conflict..." Try this with the Chinese about their occupation of Tibet and a whole can of worms erupts. In this situation, there is a secret under the table and an elephant in the room that is larger than the conflict management we may know and it is scary. I will likely share more about this situation on soon. Ana Schofield M.A. (Conflict Management) Olympia, Washington.