Comments: Encouraging Forgiveness

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Valerie , Albuquerque NM   04/01/08
Thank you
Thank you for your article. It is refreshing to see Christian thinking in the world of mediation. I was only able to scan this, but have saved it for future reading. I have recently experienced that when things get difficult, God has a way of making us come to a point of seeking Him to find out how we (as humans) can grow and become a better person. Once we recognize our area in need of change, the pressure seems to leave and there is only joy and a more mature individual. You said, "When people choose to forgive others, God helps them move forward with their lives by healing them of their wounds and scars." This is true because the Bible says, "the truth shall set us free." We must let go of our own ways and choose His ways and that is really hard to do sometimes. Valerie

Jack , Pacifica CA   12/21/07
Forgiveness in Mediation
I endorse the article on Forgiveness, that "God" (as the spiritual force within us) works between people to "change a man's heart." We each have the power of love to heal ourselves (and others) but sometimes we suppress it by the anger and pain of our worldly experiences. Mediators can help open the pathways to healing through the exercise of forgiveness. I was once a victim of a house fire that finally settled by mediation. The party at fault never apologized, but I eventually forgave them for burning down the house. In Biblical terms, we are forgiven as we forgive those who trespass against us. I an now pursuing mediation (peace making) as my next profession. Thanks to the author for his encouragement!

Roby Jean-Bernard, Québec QC     12/20/07
Sir: Your article sparked my fuse! Your affirmation that only God can change the hearts of men is, for me, narrow in focus. Had you said, 'For me only God can change the hearts of men' I would have simply turned the page and thought nothing more. How can some Christians keep thinking that only their 'God' can do it all? We are workers of peace and forgiveness, we assist others to find the positiveness and peace in their hearts - our connectiveness is godliness (for me). Peace to you and yours.