Comments: Negotiating Like a Woman - How Gender Impacts Communication between the Sexes

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uma , Madras tn   09/15/12
understanding and acknowledging are the two pillars supporting the arc of mediation and that is a quality that is highly entrenched in the gentic coding of women. I appreciate the part about communication style differences. that is the basis for conflicts between spouses.

Linda Gryczan, Helena MT     03/10/10
If I may gently point out the heterosexual bias in "Anyone who has ever been married or been in a significant relationship will have to admit that men and women tend to argue differently." If "anyone" doesn't include everyone, it is best to word it differently.

JR , San Antonio TX   12/06/09
I felt this article was very very informative. I was tuned in to every word and appreciated the examples to better understand what is being meant in as much as what is being said. This is something i will read over again to fine tune my skills as a mediator. Thank you!

Aman Anderson, Winter Springs FL   10/09/09
Great Post
This post is wonderful. Understanding the art of communication is a wonderful and beneficial act. I have taken note of these things

E.W     10/28/07
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